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Try some simple change today: The Elvis method

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Why the way you begin any task makes such a crucial difference!

The way you begin anything you do sets the tone and quality for the whole undertaking.

Elvis Presley knew this: Before every performance he did his famous "1,000-yard-walk". Yes, he walked exactly 1,000 yards from his trailer to the arena. And while walking, he transformed himself into a positive, powerful and charismatic performer.

How he did this? - Very simple: He started exactly from where he was. Maybe tired, maybe low in energy or mood. But with every step he took, he "infused" himself with energy, power and enthusiasm. He took responsibility for his action and attitude – he didn't wait for his manager or fans to "get him in the mood".

Do you have a ritual with which to begin an important (or even less important) task? Maybe you should try one, just like Elvis did. Do what feels good to you and what could help you transform a low-energy-state into a more powerful, positive attitude.

Pre-action rituals
could be:
  • taking a short walk

  • doing some yoga postures

  • doing a relaxation exercise

  • listening to soothing (or stimulating!) music

  • speaking a prayer

  • spending a few moments in meditation

  • taking a cool shower

  • taking a few deep breaths

  • adjusting your posture

  • smiling to yourself in the mirror

  • asking yourself: "What is really important for me here? What would I like to achieve?"

P.S.: If you are a believer in the law of attraction, you know that just setting a clear intention and determining how you would like your project to proceed can make all the difference when it comes to successful manifesting!

If you'd like to know more about the topic of "setting intentions": Law of Attraction coach Jeannette Maw explains it beautifully in this article!

Maybe you'd like to try this simple change today and see how it goes – I'd love to hear about your experiences! :)

Note: Want to read Elvis' story for yourself? You can find it in the book "The 15 Second Principle" by Al Secunda.

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